I invite you to the miniature world of my passion, where memories from childhood don't fade, and the beauty is hidden in details...

    Decoration has fascinated me from an early childhood – since the days of kindergarten, the greatest joy has been for me to do all kind of art works, and the first pots for the dolls were made of plasticine. At that time the desire of creation was born in my heart, a willingness to share my creativeness with the world.

    When I was seven years old, I saw the first dollhouse – the house was on display in a big toy shop. I was so delighted that even illness didn't stop me from looking again at my dream, being on the way to the hospital. Unfortunately, I had to wait to fulfill my desire, what have resulted in starting my passion, and with the passage of time I made my first dollhouse. From the boxes and glue in granules I conjured miniature furniture: little chairs, tables, little sideboards, sofas. Manual skills was very useful in knitting and crocheting of clothes, napkins, curtains.

    The first professional house I've got from my dad. He brought it to me in the 70's from a trip to the GDR. It was a true fulfillment of a child's dream - beautiful, wonderful, furnished with furniture and other accessories. It seemed like the decoration of the dollhouse would never end. It was, among other things, inspiration for my later works on which I've been spendind most of my free time. In the completion of projects I've been putting my whole heart, and with the passage of years it reamined unchanged – to this day I love what I do.

     My passion was gaining momentum. In the 80's I started collecting miniatures...

     In 2000 I opened my shop with beautiful decorations and accessories for the interiors.
     My artistic sense and creative personality didn't allow me to rest on my laurels. I've started decorating the wedding ceremony. I love flowers and I grace with them the halls, houses, churches, cars, gardens.

     In a miniature world I don't act alone - all my family is involved into the work. Through my passion I've inspired my husband, who builds houses and manages the technical side. I decorate and furnish them.

     The older daughter is an interior designer - I invite you to her site www.jedynetakiewnetrza.pl and her blog www.jedynetakiewnetrza.blogspot.pl. The younger daughter is a cosmetology student and is involved in the organization and preparation of, for example, the miniature fair. And our beloved son-in-law helps us search for contacts with miniaturists, translate texts etc.

     I couldn't miss the pretty cat called Rysia, who poses great and is a frequent guest in our mini town, walks through tiny streets and looks through the windows into the mini interiors of miniature houses.

Through all these years, the romanticism of my nature has allowed me to link what I love the most - decoration, floristry and belles-lettres. In my passion everything is closely connected. I am a florist and I have huge fondness for flowers. Their power is often underrated.... Through their scent and color, they can change any interior into a warm, elegant and romantic kingdom full of life and peace. The power of flowers lies in the details, just as in the case of miniatures. I love flowers and miniatures with biggest and boundless love, and also being a a decorator of the interiors, I put my whole heart into the arrangement of tiny houses. And as if by magic, I move from everyday “big” world to "tiny" world, my passionate world, full of love, dreams and emotions.

And exactly to this world I invite YOU...
It takes your most valuable time – but it's not the wasted time...
It's love for things that, even in the smallest form, makes us so happy...