Sunday, 7 June 2020

Weekend barbecue

Weekend barbecue
This weekend promied to be wonderful. On Friday evening Remy decided to invite his loved ones for Sunday grilling in their home garden. His wife, Jane, loved family gatherings, and he was a big fan of grilled neck of pork, so everyone liked the idea.
Sunday has come. From early morning, Jane and Remy started preparing refreshments for guests. Jane baked strawberry cake and muffins, and Remy was preparing skewers that were to be baked on the grill after the guests arrived.

There were also seasonal vegetables and fruits on the table - apples, radishes, lettuce, cucumbers... How colorful! On a hot day, it was wonderful to drink a cool beer and a refreshing, freshly squeezed orange juice, which could not be missing on the table!

The first guests appeared. Jane's sister Elise and her husband brought hand-made ice cream that would become today's dessert as an addition to home-made apple pie, which they also was prepared by themselves.

Guests loved the well-kept garden of the owners, which aroused admiration. The greatest pride of Jane and Remy were purple and blue pansies - they just loved them!
It was a really good day, spent with loved ones. Remy, a master of grilled porks, boasted his culinary skills and gained recognition in the eyes of his wife's sister and brother-in-law - everyone loved it! Jane's strawberry cake also won the hearts of guests. It was wonderful to spend free time among people with whom they felt good and had many common themes.
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