Saturday, 27 October 2018

Visiting the Hans-Peter Porsche TraumWerk Museum in Anger, a museum of toys and toy railway models

Visiting the Hans-Peter Porsche TraumWerk Museum in Anger, a museum of toys and toy railway models

The land of Salzburg has always captivated me, that's why I spent with my husband several days in Austria this summer. The weather was good, except for one day, when it disappointed us on Saturday and we had to find some alternative to spend free time. Right next to Salzburg, we encountered a small town called Anger, located in Germany. The impressive modern architecture building in which the Hans-Peter Porsche TraumWerk Museum was located dominated in front of us. My heart stole the museum of toys and toy railway models, which were also there.

Part of the world in a tiny scale in which things are running... Where seasons change, roosters crow at the dawn in miniature villages, and airplanes fly on the miniature blue of the sky, fireworks can be heard somewhere in the distance...

The miniatures haven't been made in scale of 1:12, but they were impressive anyway! Little things made with the highest precision - I admire people who put their energy and took their time to make all these miniatures I was capable to see. All miniatures are a collection, which Hans-Peter Porsche decided to show the world and opened a musuem with the help of his son. This monumental world of Hans-Peter Porsche toys was previously kept at home located near Salzburg - the models occupied the entire basement and attic of his home, exactly 450 collector's boxes!

Every effort was made to bring the minatures to life, which is why the visitors could watch snow-capped mountains and skiers on the slopes as well as autumnal golden alleys. The exhibitions were designed by the Berlin architect Volker Staab. The first part includes cars, airplanes, railway stations; the second - train models; in the following parts of the exhibition you will find steam engines, submarines, ships and older cars.

I recommend Muzuem TraumWerk to all, regardless of age. This fabulous place, good for both large and small ones, offers a wide range of attractions, from the museum of toys, toy railway models to the Porsche museum. This is the perfect proposition to spend free time together for whole family!

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