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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day
Rupert's long-awaited day, planned with the smallest details, finally came. With Elisabeth, they’ve been a couple for several years, and, with the passage of time, their love turned into a mature and passionate love from youthful feeling. They were like two halves of an apple – they were looking in the same way at life, they were seeing similar perspectives, and their bond seemed to be indissoluble. Rupert made the decision about the proposal about half year earlier, but he decided that he’d ask Elisabeth on a Valentine's Day. Not only because it was a feast of lovers and the only special day like this in the year, but they had met each other just on February 14 years ago at a cafe. The proposal was to take place exactly at the Cafe - with the background of a romantic dinner. However, before we get to the final and find out if Elisabeth has agreed to become Rupert's wife, let’s return to the hectic preparations of the red-haired young man who loved her so much…

On that day everything had to be as close to perfection as possible! Rupert wanted so much to everything went on his way. He went to the jeweler to buy an engagement ring for his beloved in the morning. His choice has fallen on a model made of gold, richly decorated with a bright eye surrounded by the shiny, tiny diamonds. He had a great hope Elisabeth would like it. She loved white and gold, which is why our hero was convinced that the chosen ring would be the right one. Wrapped in a creamy box, the ring has landed in Rupert's pocket when he left the jeweler's salon.

Flowers - it was the next thought which appeared in Rupert's mind right after choosing an engagement ring. Our hero went to a florist, where the richness of various plants and flowers wasn’t helpful with choosing a particular gift for his beloved - Rupert couldn’t decide which flowers to choose. He finally decided to purchase tulips because he remembered Elisabeth saying that he loved them. The girl also loved roses, but this time Rupert chose flowers that she had never received from him before. Well, in the end, it was supposed to be a special day, and therefore an unique present! The bouquet of red tulips looked very beautiful. Elisabeth won’t only be surprised, but also delighted - Rupert thought proudly and left the florist, smiling dreamily.

Part of the Valentine's plan was already realised. The dinner arrangement was only one what remained, which atmosphere was to be romantic and sentimental. And the engagement dinner was supposed to be also tasty, of course! According to the perfection’s idea, which guided Rupert, organizing this special evening, every detail, even the one on the plate, was to be teed up. That's why Rupert chose a chocolate cake with strawberry filling and cream-strawberry ice cream - these were, of course, Elisabeth's favorite sweets.

Rupert was ahead of time to see if everything was clearly prepared at the Cafe. He also brought a bouquet of red tulips that had been bought earlier. He put flowers in a vase and looked carefully at the whole tableware. In addition to the sweets mentioned above, appetizing looking strawberries in bowls also appeared on the table. High candles intensified the dominant, romantic mood. The whole dish was kept in red - the color of love and passion.

The sky has started to getting darker, and the music playing by crickets came from the distance. Rupert was looking in suspense for his beloved. A special moment, so long awaited by him, has come. The redheaded young man was looking around for Elisabeth. I hope she say yes; I hope she agree to become my wife – such whispers were in his mind. Rupert loved Elisabeth with all his heart and couldn't imagine life without her. He wanted to spend every day with her, every moment... She was his whole world.
He suddenly stood up, agitated. Elisabeth's blond hair appeared around the corner. The shiny hair waved with every her step, rising, falling down and lifting up again. Rupert couldn't take his eyes off her - she was so beautiful! She came to him, greeted him with hug and kiss, and the sweet scent of her perfumes, which he adored so much, wrapped him. This scent reminded him only his beautiful Elisabeth.
The couple sat at the table. The girl was delighted with the decor, sweets on the table, the atmosphere - the whole arrangement of Valentine's dinner Rupert was happy to see the joy on his beloved's face. Being impressed, Elisabeth noticed Rupert was a little different than usual. He spoke with ease and lightness, but in his attitude one could read a new emotion. The boy noticed the girl was watching him, and he felt that the time had come for a special moment of Valentine's evening. With bated breath, he knelt in front of Elisabeth and, holding flowers in one hand, and in the other hand a box of engagement ring, he looked deeply into the eyes of his beloved. He saw emotion in them. Girl's glazed eyes were looking at him with an expression of powerful love - it was incredible how such a little creature could contain such a great feeling! It was seconds, but it seemed like time had stretched and stopped in place.
Rupert took a deep breath and, still staring at Elisabeth with an intense, emotional expression, he asked if she would do him the honor of becoming his wife. As soon as he said the last word, tears fell down the girl's cheeks, in which had gathered everything what couldn't be expressed in words. Elisabeth whispered "yes" with emotion and threw herself upon her lover's neck. The couple drowned in a passionate kiss, laughing and crying with happiness. Tired by strong emotions, they knew that it was the happiest moment of their life...

Happy Valentine's Day wishes you Miniza! <3

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