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Easter at Jane’s house

Easter at Jane’s house
Jane was very busy that day. She was going to start baking cakes to treat her family with them later. Of course, she was also planning to make eggs stuffed with mushrooms, smoked meat, cheese and other tasty Easter dishes. That day seemed to be so long, but Jane believed that work is the most effective when we focus on proper time management. And this is why she has planned everything before. The shopping list she made was lying on the table and waiting for a trip to the store for the products needed to start great cooking.

After getting back home, Jane realized that she managed to perfectly fit all the products in the fridge, which, let us not hide, was almost bursting at the seams. There will be a lot of people, so it’s enough for everyone, Jane thought, smiling to herself.

Jane celebrated Easter with her family every year. Her parents lived less than an hour away from her, but Aunt Elise came from Denmark. Brother Jane, Albert, came with his wife, Grace, and two unruly twins, Leon and Charlie, on holidays. Jane lived alone. She was into English literature and singing in a local choral group. During various celebrations, she had the opportunity to perform along with the rest of the group members several times a year. As much as singing and reading books, Jane loved cooking. She loved to make dishes from different cuisines of the world. She was interested in other cultures, and her culinary passion also allowed her to explore knowledge about life from various corners of the Earth.

Among the cakes Jane planned to make was a cider, cheesecake and poppyseed cake. These traditional sweets couldn’t be missed on the holiday table, just like the sour soup with egg and white sausage.

Finally, it was time to relax after a day’s work. Jane sat in her favorite chair by the wooden table and began to decorate the Easter eggs. Her face was focused and relaxed. Jane loved to paint Easter eggs, so it was a pleasure for her - a rest combined with creative activity. Jane's eggs weren’t just casual Easter eggs. They were beautifully decorated eggs, next to which it was difficult to pass by indifferently. These charming eggs was building Easter climate, decorating the whole house and encouraging everyone to celebrate Easter fully.


The next day was about blessing the Easter food, which is why Jane after waking up, getting dressed and eating breakfast, went with Easter basket to the church. In the basket there was horseradish, salt, beetroot, Easter lamb, Easter cake, sausage, Easter eggs and an unpeeled egg, which the family members were to share during the Easter breakfast.


After blessing the Easter food, Jane began to bake marinated few days earlier meat. The smell of smoked meat was rising in the house and tickled the nostrils. Jane decided to start also preparing the duck on smoked meat on sourdough prepared earlier.


Holy Saturday passed as quickly and laboriously as Good Friday. The following morning, the whole family would come down for a shared Easter breakfast. Jane was glad that she had started preparations for Easter breakfast a week earlier. Thanks to this, she felt that everything was completed as planned and buttoned up. Now all that was left was to go to a well-deserved rest. As soon as Jane lay down, she fell into a deep and peaceful sleep, in which she dreamed that the Easter eggs were picking her up to dance and didn't allow her to sit down for a moment...


The alarm clock rang and Jane woke up in confusion. She didn't remember what she was dreaming about, but she knew that it was funny and at the same time irrational. Her subconscious apparently told her she was overworked, but thankfully the two coming days were a time of feasting, joy and rest.

When the table was already set for Easter breakfast, Jane put on a yellow dress and tie her hair into a bun. She had shapely ballerinas on her feet. She was looking very elegantly. She barely had time to sit in the chair, heard the doorbell and familiar screams. It was the twins, Leon and Charlie, who fought with each other at the door of her house, separated unsuccessfully by brother Jane, Albert. The children were arguing over who would give the beloved auntie, Jane, the chocolate. When Jane opened the door, the chocolate fell straight in front of her feet dressed in ballerinas.


"Hello," said Jane, laughing and raising the chocolate. “Please, come inside.”

"Hello, Jane," said Albert, squeezing his sister in greeting as soon as he crossed the threshold of the house, then pointed to the bundle in the hands of his wife. “Grace baked a brownie.”


Wonderful, Grace! Give me a cake, please, and I will put it on a plate." said Jane, and also gave her sister a hug, greeting her with a wide smile.


Aunt Jane, Aunt Jane!” Twins shouted out. “We have a gift for you! Chocolate!”


Thank you, dear rascals!” Jane cried, hugging her two unruly nephews who had blond hair after Grace and chocolate eyes from their dad, Albert.


Is Aunt Elise already?” Grace asked, looking at her sister-in-law.


Jane barely opened her mouth to reply that they had come first, but the doorbell sound had overtaken her.


Speak of the devil!” Jane laughed and opened the front door.


The red-haired figure in a black coat and high boots came into the house. She pulled off her large, black glasses and breathed theatrically, saying:


Well, you couldn't live further away, Jane!”


Everyone laughed because it was Aunt Elise who has left Basildon, where Jane lived, to start a new life in Aarhus, Denmark.


When everyone was greeted each other and sat down to an Easter breakfast, after sharing an egg, a sour soup, bread, hams, eggs and other Easter dishes has appeared on the table. Delicious cakes were waiting for dessert...

After breakfast, the whole family went on a trip to the resort located by the sea, an hour away by car. Southend was a peaceful place with a remarkable climate, which consisted of stripes of white terraces above the water and the palm trees planted by residents in front of each building. From a distance, there was the buzz of a funfair in which children loved to spend their free time. Of course, twins wouldn't be themselves if they didn't start to persuade their parents to go to one of the merry-go-rounds after a moment of peace and walk on the beach . Finally, Albert and Grace, tired of the many requests of the children, agreed to go to the amusement park. Aunt Elise didn't have much desire to put up with the buzz and scream of people rushing down the roller coaster, but she said that this time she would also go with them. Jane was very happy to accept the offer - she really wanted to go for one of the fancy local carousels.


The day was full of impressions and the twins quickly fell into a deep sleep. Everyone slept at the Jane's house. Fortunately, there was no problem with the place to sleep, because there were two rooms for guests and a living room in Jane's house, not counting, of course, Jane's bedroom.


Monday was twins favorite day. The boys invented more and more clever traps and ambushes for the household every year. This time, they'd been waiting for Aunt Elise from early in the morning, which she was always going to the bathroom to do her morning toilet. Dressed in a bathrobe, she walked in pink, furry slippers, humming one of her favorite Spice Girls songs under her nose. The woman quite forgot that the day that she hated the most at the whole year was just starting...


Suddenly, colorful plastic water guns sprang up front of her eyes, and streams spurted straight into her face. Frightened Elise screamed and instinctively covered her face with her hands. When the water shooting stopped, Aunt Elise heard the loud croaking of the little house elves.


Leon! Charlie! You will regret this!” Aunt Elise raised her voice, looking with dissatisfaction at the twins and nodding the index finger in their direction.


After a moment, she laughed at herself, took a gun from one of the boys and spattered a stream of water into them. The twins escaped screaming toward the living room, laughing at the same time and waking up their parents who were sleeping in the guest room next door.


Ultimately, none of the household members had a dry thread on them, and there was no end of fun, screams and laughter. It was a really happy start of the day. The rain came in the afternoon - the whole family had to stay at home, so they decided to play together in one of their favorite board games. Heavy drops of water were falling from the sky, as if the whole world remembered about Wet Monday...


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