Saturday, 16 May 2020

Opening of the embellished ISABEL Wedding Salon

Opening of the embellished ISABEL Wedding Salon
In recent days there was a great opening of the embellished ISABEL Wedding Salon in the miniature world of Miniza. We have prepared for you a photo report from the past event. On this special day, the salon was teeming with life, and future brides who came to the opening ceremony could not take their eyes off the latest designs of wedding dresses, in line with current trends and delightful cut and materials.

For the grand opening of the ISABEL Salon, Mary came with her sister to choose the perfect dress for the upcoming most important day in her life. As soon as she entered the living room, a minimalist dress immediately caught her eye, designed without any additional decorations, which delighted with its sophisticated cut and elegant material.

Mary's sister and Isabel, and the owner of the Wedding Dresses Salon, both of them were enchanted by the chosen dress, which perfectly emphasized the figure of the girl. Could the first choice be the right one?

Delighted Mary looked in the mirror, unable to take her eyes off the beautiful creation she measured. She knew that she had made her decision as soon as she saw her... The chosen dress was perfect!

The facade of the ISABEL Salon was finished a few days before its opening. The aesthetic tenement house seduced with its classic and timeless character, which manifested itself in the subtle attic of the building or in the brick window arch.

The second floor of the tenement house enriched the living room with an additional space for measuring the dress, as well as a place to store wedding accessories and accessories. In the interior, you could find other collections of dresses, differing in cut, material and style, and they were connected by the original design and high aesthetics of workmanship.

Everything was done up to the last button, including the boxes in which products, dresses and accessories purchased in the salon were packed - the boxes delighted with their quality and beautiful, pastel colors and patterns.

The grand opening of the ISABEL Salon will long be remembered by the brides who took part in this event. Many of them chose their perfect wedding creation and the necessary accessories - shoes, purse, jewelry...

Do you think Mary finally decided on the first dress she measured? Has the choice just fallen on the minimalist creation? For Mary it was a long day, but when she was leaving the Salon, a smile was painted on her lips, and her eyes glistened with happiness and excitement...
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