Sunday, 8 March 2020

Lorenzo’s Winery

Lorenzo’s Winery

Lorenzo had his love for wine long before he became the owner of the winery, and it all began when he was a little boy. As a child, Lorenzo loved to walk through the densely overgrown vineyards that belonged to his father, Francessco. He was a wealthy man, he had his own vineyard and a historic palace, which was an impressive example of Renaissance architecture, passed down from generation to generation, so Lorenzo was about to become the heir to a multigenerational family heritage. Unfortunately, fate decided to mock Lorenzo and test him.

As soon as the boy grew up, his father became seriously ill and all the duties, which were managed to do by Francessco so far has rested on the shoulders of the young man now. So far, throughout his childhood, Lorenzo has been helping his father, working together with other people in the vineyard, acquiring experience, learning responsibility and resourcefulness, which is why our hero had the basic knowledge to grow the vine himself.


Handling all the dusties for the vineyard, the boy simultaneously looked after his father, who watched him with undisguised pride. When Francessco recovered, he said to his son: "Lorenzo, I see how much viticulture means to you... I would like to give you another knowledge that will allow you to go a step further"...


Within a few years, Lorenzo, trying and teaching on mistakes under the guidance of an experienced father, he had the necessary knowledge to make wine by himself. Driven by the instinct of his heart, he didn’t wait long and decided to open his own winery in his hometown of Florence, in the heart of Tuscany.


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