Saturday, 11 April 2020

Easter preparations in the world of Miniza

Easter preparations in the world of Miniza

It was a beautiful, sunny day - Holy Saturday. Spring time, holiday time - a period when everything is born to life. Together with nature, we do spring cleaning, which also cleanse our mind of unnecessary thoughts in order to be able to re-instil a touch of inspiration and passion for everyday life.


Rachel was just watering the cress and looking at the intense green of the plant. Against this background, she intended to set up hand-decorated Easter eggs, which were prepared before, now ready to change the current place. All you had to do was put the watering can down, take the damp lemon cake out of the oven, and you'll be able to start cutting vegetable salad - a delicacy for all household members.


In the miniature world of Miniza, life moves slowly and joyfully, so Rachel was in no hurry in her activities, enjoying every moment of preparation, sharing this time together with her husband and children. Her two daughters were so similar to mother, but the shape, shade and even similar expression of eyes emanating with sparks of joy and peace they had after their dad.

Easter was celebrated bringing the whole family together at one table each year in their home. Tradition itself carries huge baggage of experience, which is passed down from a generation to generation, talking about customs, beliefs, views, ways of thinking. That is why many people, including Rachel, would be happy to follow a time-honored tradition, not only for religious reasons, but also because of the very idea of this holiday.


Sunday started with an Easter breakfast. Of course, on the table were painted eggs decorated by Rachel and her husband, as well as hand-painted eggs by children, whose decoration brought them a lot of joy. This holiday time was just an opportunity to deepen and strengthen family ties between household members. Rachel was looking with joy at the happiness of her life, her husband and children, feeling warm in her heart and being grateful for the opportunity to spend this holiday time together.


Of course, on the miniature table there was also white sausage, bacon, tartare, eggs in mayonnaise, horseradish, beetroot and sweets - poppy seed cake, cheesecake, pound cake... And for dinner it was obligatory served sour soup in bread. Oh, what a joy it was, so many treats and a wealth of emotions associated with Easter... A wonderful time in which everything is reborn and comes back to life.


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