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Christmas – a time when reflection and tradition come together

Christmas – a time when reflection and tradition come together
It's here! The first star appeared in the night sky when the doorbell rang. Charles, dressed in an elegant suit, shelved a book, which he was reading while he was waiting for his guests. He got up from the armchair and went to the corridor to open the door and greet his loved ones. Walking down the stairs, he felt a pleasant warmth in his heart at the thought of seeing the family. The jeweler didn't see his sister and her husband for the whole year! Christmas Eve is a time spent with loved ones, a time full of reflection and tradition handed down from generation to generation... Let's start from the beginning, that is, from Christmas preparations.

Twelve-dish Christmas Eve supper
Twelve apostles, twelve months in a year - this is what twelve Christmas Eve dishes symbolize on a Christmas table covered with a white tablecloth. The hay can be found under the tablecloth. The candle, that is a symbol of life, hope and love, can't be missing on the Christmas Eve table Additional empty cover is meant for an unexpected wanderer who should be let in because a guest in the house is a God in the house. The empty place at the table also commemorates people who sat together with us for Christmas Eve supper in past. Now, we can only feel their presence when they are staring down on us and observing during the supper.

Christmas preparations

Jeweler Charles started Christmas preparations with morning shopping. As soon as he woke up, ate breakfast and drank a delicious cup of coffee, he went to Laouree Confectionery. The shelves seems to be going to break under the richness of cakes and cookies in the shop! Colorful sweet baked goods attracted the eye. The interior was decorated with class and a charming accent. Every customer wanted to stay in this cozy place for a longer time...

After shopping at Laouree Confectionery, Charles went to a small shop with Christmas decorations. The Christmas Eve atmosphere was meant to be seen not only on the table, but Christmas accents should fill the whole house. Preparations for the holidays allowed to relax from busy everyday life and pay attention to details - the key to happiness and joy was in the smallest elements of life. The Christmas Shop was beautifully decorated and full of various items. Christmas garlands, angels, baubles, gingerbreads, santas, flowers could be found there... The jeweler enjoyed the sight of these tiny elements that were about to decorate the interior of his tenement.

Christmas decorations

Christmas is a time full of love and reflection. In this unique day of the year, each element should spread the good news and accentuate the celebrated holiday. Christmas decorations emphasize the Christmas atmosphere in our home, introducing a cozy and warm atmosphere to the interiors.

In the Charles jeweler's house, we can find Christmas table decorations, door and window garlands, beautifully dressed Christmas tree, which is a symbol of Christ, as a source of eternal life, and stockings hanging by the fireplace. All these details seem to be emanating warmth and love, introducing the Christmas atmosphere. They accentuate the magic of Christmas, enhancing its uniqueness by decorating the space in which we live.

Charles didn't forget to decorate the tenement house from the outside - the Christmas facade stood out from the other houses, and all its small elements seemed to be spreading the good news of the birth of Jesus. The Christmas front door garland and a wreath with a red bow were stunning – it took a lot of time and work to jeweler to make them perfect - and the red Porsche complemented the Christmas arrangement with its color.

Poland's traditional Christmas Eve dishes and baked goods

Among the traditional Christmas cakes you will find, for example, gingerbread, poppyseed cake and cheesecake. Of course, other sweets can also appear on the table. Christmas Eve is the time of fasting, that's why fishes are served instead of meat. Among the twelve traditional dishes you will find: red borsch with dumplings, dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms, herring, carp, kutia, dried fruit compote, Christmas cabbage with peas, mushroom soup, poppy seed dumplings, previously mentioned sweet pastries and bread - a symbol of new life and well-being.

Christmas gifts

When all the dishes were ready and all he had to do was wait for the first star to appear in the sky, Charles began to pack Christmas presents in colorful paper for his belowed ones. He felt joy in his heart that he could give them something from himself. Finally, after a whole year of waiting, the moment came and they could see each other and spend Christmas together.

Christmas-Eve supper

Christmas Eve dinner begins with the appearance of the first star in the sky. Then the whole family share a special wafer to each other during exchanging Christmas wishes of health and prosperity in the upcoming year. This special day brings love, goodness and family warmth to the hearts of the household members who sit together at the table. After sharing the wafer, the family start the supper from the red borscht with dumplings. When the dinner comes to an end, the most anticipated by the children moment of the evening is coming - unpacking Christmas presents.

Every Christmas are unique, and for jeweler Charles, this was just special. Preparations allowed him to spend time on his own and take a loo  on his life from a distance - where he is going, what drives him, how he feels about it... Christmas is a time that gives the opportunity to find answers to questions that we don't hear clearly in everyday life, but which are and expect our  ttention. These special and unique moments of the year were spent by the jeweler in the family circle with his loved ones, sharing with them worries and joys, building new memories that create an invisible bond between one and anoher human being...

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