Saturday, 18 April 2020

Amelie’s Candy Store

Amelie’s Candy Store
If anyone told Amelie year earlier that she would fulfill her passion in the near future and it would become her way of life, she would laugh and say that in the face of the harsh world it would be better to put dreams aside... And yet! It turned out that even the innermost desires are able to be fulfilled if there is enough love in the heart for what one loves to do!

And this is how Amelie has opened her own confectionery, the interior of which welcomed guests with all sorts of sweets, starting with vanilla and cocoa strudels, cheesecakes with raisins, pound cakes, brownies... Right next to them stood donuts covered in glittering icing, and puffs waiting for real gourmands.



Confectionery's pastel interior was the perfect background for a variety of sweets. The strawberry cake stood at the counter display, covered with biscuits on the sides and decorated with whipped cream. Next to it, eclairs peeked from the plate, and on the shelf above individual pieces of cheesecake with fruit waited for customers, which could be bought in pieces. In addition, you could buy a beautiful present package for each product... Perfect for a gift for a loved one!

For the most demanding customers a special offer has been prepared, rich in a variety of confectionery company products, including sweet rolls, poppy seed cakes and pies covered with sweet chocolate...

Blueberry, pumpkin and carrot cake - take your pick!

The walls were covered with beautiful wallpaper with a rose motif, and aquamarine tiles appeared on the floor in the final stage of interior arrangement of the candy store. Lamps with milky white lampshades hung from the ceiling, pink furniture complemented the sweet-pastel space with a charming and unique atmosphere. It was a pleasure to be here... And come back to it as often as possible! <3

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