Shop with Christmas decorations
Christmas Shop
Christmas is coming. Adults and children choose presents, so it’s time to visit shops with Christmas decorations to feel the atmosphere of these amazing days at home. Our characters also appeared with their children: Karenina with Sierioża and little Anna, Nora with her three children, and even the five-person family of Nechcice from the far Serbinow visited the town to make Christmas shopping. All visitors are welcomed by the shop window decorated with pine-needles, from whichangels made of china take a peep on people passing by. Wooden door is always slightly open for each visitor. In the evening, the entrance is illuminated by lanterns. All that makes one’s heart beat faster! Rich assortment of angels, elves, garlands, trinkets, colorful Christmas balls, bows, all kinds of decorations and sweets – everything the client may wish for. Our characters also feel Christmas time and leave the shop with hands full of shopping.