Amelie and Louis Joliot
Glasshouse and orchid house in the garden
       Amelie and Louis Joliot have lived in one of the most beautiful places in France since 1970s. The city of Avignon thanks to its medieval historic architecture looks as though time has stopped in it…, but not at the Joliots. You have already got to know Bill. He is Amelie’s brother who is in love with Paris, his garden and his little granddaughter Colette. Now, let us introduce the Joliots married couple from charming Avignon . They have lived here since they were born and here they say “yes” to each other in a beautiful gothic cathedral. All their life they are in love with each other and their flowers. Amelie has created an unprecedented  greenhouse garden, and Louis with a minute precision cares for his favourite orchids renowned not only all-around France, as they have found their devotees  in exotic Dubai, too. What is so great about them? Let us have a closer look at  Amelie’s garden and the Louis’s orchid garden. Dusk has fallen, go straight over inside, light is on, the already half-open door invites You, Dear Guests:)

      The Amelie’s greenhouse ….hmm…. at the first glance it looks like a Greek house, but do not be misled by the first impression, because everything is pretty well thought out and it is the  result of work of an experienced gardener. The building made from the whitened wood is constructed subtly and it is glazed. The secret hides in the details. A little bit behind the stone wall stretches a marble path, that just a moment to the right leads to a wonderful small source, in which swim the Joliots’ favourites – can you see them? It is just there, where Amelie has thrown her rain boots aside … in the other place, the massive clay plant pots wrapped by the leaves proudly present their roundness … in the background, a laurel wreath, waiting for its winner, supported by the window sill … all around the slick larches bow it down in a breath of wind.

      Louise’s orchid garden is another fairy tale, fulfilled by the beauty of  dignified flowers, which look like the Persian princesses dressed in  beautiful ethereal livery, delicately wreathing their shapes. No wonder that Louis takes care of them with such concern and attentiveness. Here is his kingdom and here he feels well, in particular when he wants to escape from scorching heat or evening coolness. Here, among the flowers, he has his favourite chair, on which he will seat down with pleasure in order to feast upon his work. Louis cultivates several varieties and he knows all of them perfectly. After so many years of getting to know them, he has become a professional. He knows what is needed by his fragrant beauties. The pink orchids – a little bit fastidious and whimsical, as the king’s daughters are – have been suspended by him carefully in the wooden plant pots in order to avoid their damage made by the draught.For his favourites – white with the playful freckles – he has make a bed of the moss carpet as for the king’s daughters and he has planted them in the golden vase – now, everybody can admire their exceptional beauty. Just a little in the background, although not out-of-the-way, on the wide, comfortable wooden bench sheltered from the wind and excessive sunrays, their place the delicate variations have found their place – especially orchids blue hues. Well, but let us come back to the Amelie’s asylum. Every day, she arranges, cuts, waters and cares for her kingdom with great diligence, which makes it worth her while with the wonderful scents and a richness of colours. She enters her greenhouse, arranges the tools on the wooden bench. She has also prepared the wheel-barrows for the necessary works. The leaves on the half-open roof are playing pranks slightly too much, so she will ask Louis to mitigate their leafed temperament. Just only a sip of the favourite coffee. Yeah, now she is ready. Louis is waiting for her. Let us leave them in the kingdom of the beloved flowers. Au revoir!