Bill and his Market Stall
Bonjour, dear ladies and gentlemen! My name is Bill and I have been a gardener for forty years. I welcome You in my little market stall shop in the tiny street of sweet Paris. From the sunrise, the delicacies from my garden wait for you. The garden is a passion of my life. My toil-worn hands take care of the most delicious vegetable and fruit for you on an everyday basis. Why are they so good, what secret do they hide? Some inhabitants have come to me from the outskirts of Paris, because they know that Monsieur Bill cultivates his garden with passion, so in each small tomato, apple, radish bought, apart from a juicy taste, they will find a sweetness of the refined gardener’s heart. Besides, there is still one little, but important reason … old Bill opens his small market stall every morning and looks forward for his most important guest whom he everyday treats to the a tasty vitamin-rich fruit.  Who is that? You will get to know soon :) I invite you to my garden and ...bon appetite!

In  Bill’s garden, it is appetizingly like in a fairy tale, aromas and colours interweave with each other, they create a plenitude of the colours and a bouquet of aromas not found anywhere else in France. Everybody will find something for him/her here, and the prices are very affordable. Bill, the gardener, has been thinking for a long time how to arrange the products not to make them out of accord in terms of the best exposition. The beetroots purple out of pride neighbor with the slender chives, a little bit further, the heads of lettuce rest in storage subtly wrapped with foil, just a little bit in the rear the carrots, parsley and capers stiffen tastefully. The best place near to the price scanner, certainly, have the champions, shapely radishes, from the full basket together come out the exquisite blueberries, and from the right side, it cannot be otherwise, give me a little bit of the Sun, that is the lemons, pears and bananas in their full glory. Below, dear ladies and gentlemen, violet of the plum, oranges and a king of the market stall, a splendid watermelon boldly presenting redness of its sweetness, just next to it a queen pumpkin apparently carelessly presenting its charms. The front part of the market stall is reserved by a meaningful rhubarb and the herbs tempting by their Provence aroma in the clay plant pots, necessary in the kitchen of each home: rosemary, mint, coriander.... .  Just a little aside, although not out-of-the-way, the apples in their full bloom exhibit their strengths – sweet, juicy, acid, sour, sweet and sour, as well as .… innocent ones -, all of them in great numbers advertise their roundness. You can also take home the smell of the Bill’s summer garden when you yield to the temptation not only of the fruit and vegetables, but also of the fragrant flowers. See you tomorrow :) Adieu!