Atelier above the Art gallery
Nora’s living room
     She is going to prove him that she is not just a brainless doll, his “lark”, a beautiful decoration of the Helmer’s house…He wishes for a masquerade, he will have it. Nora will however start with a model role of an obedient spouse, and will decorate the living room like a good banker’s wife that she is. It will be best in the whole Norway: flowers, flowers in vases everywhere, fancily draped curtains in the windows, white furniture with golden motives as a must, and similar bibelots, snow-white tablecloths, family china which still remembers the times of Torwald’s great grandmother…yes, and paintings. Art is trendy now. She needs to talk her husband into buying a horrifying expensive Monet – after all they do live just next to the Art Gallery. Until then, roses, noble Damask roses on the portraits will ideally harmonize with the powder pink of fabrics on the sofa and armchairs.Yes, he should be delighted! She already prepared chilled champagne, and was waiting in the warm light of the evening lamps for the master of the house to return…