Art Gallery
A visit in the art gallery
     Art Gallery is the favourite shopping place for rich middle class and the aristocrats. Who has not paid a visit here! The building with the gallery is located close to Nora’s house. She made the appointment with Izabela and Anna there a long time ago. Izabela was looking for furniture to her boudoir,  Anna wanted to buy the representative dinner set, and Nora was looking for something just for herself…As always, the chivalrous Mr. Sterin welcomed them warmly, invited to look around, and returned to his bookkeeping accounts. They felt freely, and could choose. Masterpieces of world painting in decorative golden frames got Nora’s attention, but a silver ballerina decorated with ivory took her heart – she already knew where she would spend Torwald’s money. Izabela noticed a beige-blue satin padded sofa and the same chair set – she sat down, dreamt, and knew how to use the open account of Wokulski.  Anna took the most time looking around the Gallery, looking for classic beauty in extraordinary form. She chose classic white china with delicate gilds on the edges, and an utter masterstroke – bestseller – finely decorated plates with the head of mythological Medusa along with the walnut wood cabinet in which they were placed. Yes, Karenin’s money will be well spent. Shopping was successful. The women left the Gallery in perfect moods, but Monsieur Stein’s mood was even better ☺