A house with haberdashery and a confectionery
Wokulski’s store
     Wokulski was already ready. Everything was going as he wished for. Business was excellent, he was engaged with Izabela, his shop expanded, he felt fashionable and strong as never before. He bought a house near Warsaw, which he was arranging for his loved one. Lots of flowers and greenery were a must, geranium in windows, table for afternoon tea…only his wife was missing. She does not know yet that he plans to call the mansion Izabelin in her honor. Ah… for now, he has to return to his shop. Rzecki does really well, but consultation with the manager is necessary as he wants to extend assortment of the haberdashery store with tailor’s services. Ladies and gentlemen will be able to leave their measures, chose best fabrics and designs directly from Paris. There is no doubt that Izabela will not be able to resist it. It’s time for something sweet after successful shopping. Just around the corner from Wokulski’s store, there is this small confectionery tempting with treats. Sweets made according to the traditional secret recipe disappear in the twinkling of an eye…..Yum-yum!