Sunday, 3 May 2020

May Day picnic’s dizziness

May Day picnic’s dizziness
The May weekend started with rain, but even bad weather didn't manage to thwart the plans of the household members in the world of Miniza, who decided that they would spend their free time on cooking together in the newly furnished kitchen.

The kitchen has been arranged in line with tradition and classics, with style respecting natural materials such as wood and ceramics. The interior in a rustic style is an inspiration to an organic lifestyle, simplicity and minimalism, manifested in the preparation of healthy and nutritious dishes.
Preparations have begun. Vegetable peeled, dough kneaded, stuffing prepared... The kitchen is teeming with life!
In order for the tradition to be fulfilled, as befits Polish cuisine, vegetable soup and Russian dumplings were to be served! The name may be deceptive, but the dish is associated with Polish culture, and its current name is due to the turmoil that happened in history, when Lviv was outside of Poland after World War II, which is why the name of the dumplings changed to Russian :) It comes, however, not from Russia, but from Red Rus, known as the Eastern Borderlands.

The rustic kitchen was filled with the smell of the richness of dishes, causing the household members with appetite to wait for dinner, hanging around every now and then between wooden furniture and looking after prepared dishes.

When everything was ready, the whole family sat at the wooden table, talking to each other and sharing memories of past events of the last week, building and strengthening bonds, which are essentially the essence of everyday life ... Because what would give us experiencing the most beautiful moments, if not could we share them with anyone? Let us remain in joy and happiness, fulfillment and love! <3

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