Wednesday, 18 March 2020

ISABEL Wedding Salon

ISABEL Wedding Salon

"Oh, where did I missplace my shawl?" Isabel was talking to herself in her mind as she was hurrying to attend for meeting with her client. Suddenly, her eyes fell on one of the drawers of an aged chest of drawers, from which a piece of familiar material stuck out. "Ah, here it is!", The designer breathed a sigh of relief. She wrapped a leopard print scarf around her neck, picked up a purse whose texture resembled snake skin, and locked the door as she left.


Isabel ran the Wedding Dresses Salon in Milan, in the heart of the fashion world, where she sold her own designs. Fashion was her life passion, which absorbed her completely - her timeless inspiration was, of course, Coco Chanel.

In addition, organizing outdoor weddings helped Isabel fulfil the creative potential within herself. She had a great passion for details. Tiny heads of colorful flowers, aesthetic tableware in a mat or polisher, a shiny hairpin in the bride's hair... No tiniest detail could escape Isabel's watchful gaze, and that was what made her so good in her profession.

The passion for perfection, organization and the ability to dot the i's and cross the t's every time allowed her to do what she loves most in her life, and her passion has become a way to a happy, stylish and fashionable life!

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