Sunday, 10 May 2020

Diorama Bakery

Diorama Bakery
Diorama are tasty and crunchy pastries that everyone must try - it is impossible to pass them by indifferently! Wheat or rye bread with natural sourdough, kaiser rolls, bagels and baguettes...

How are miniature breads made? The secret of their uniqueness lies in the recipe of a multi-generational tradition of taste in the world of Miniza... This is a creative work driven by inspiration and love for the miniatures!

In the Diorama bakery there will also be something for gourmands - croissants, muffins, stuffed puff pastry... As well as ready-made sandwiches and rolls with lettuce, ham and cheese...

Which bakery pastries have most stolen your heart? Ours stay with sweet, delicious cupcakes! :)
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Diorama Bakery

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