Monday, 22 June 2020

Cooking together with Miniza

Cooking together with Miniza

There's always a lot going on in the miniature world. Parties, fun, celebrations and... Cooking together today! Surely you are wondering what will appear on the table and what dish will steal the heart of the household?

Well... Flour, eggs, milk, sugar. Sounds familiar. Propably you can already guess that we are preparing...

Pancakes! Yes, that's great! Delicious, crunchy pancakes! Next to it, the meat is fried in golden coating, and behind them you can see scrambled eggs in butter...

The smell of freshly fried pancakes floats in the kitchen... Crunchy cake melts on the tongue... Puffiness!

Filled with homemade marmalade from berries growing in the backyard garden, pancakes are the perfect meal for summer days in combination with rhubarb lemonade.

And for true sweet lovers, the crumble berry pie is also baked that will make you weep.

Egg and bacon as a snack for afternoon...

And for those on a diet - salmon with green beans and lemon!

Dinner in a family circle is the only moment during the day when all the household members can meet together and share the impressions of the whole day in the miniature world. Enjoy your meal!

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